Una tarea casi imposible
es querer abrir el futuro
para mirar sus costuras
Mejor es leer
el vuelo de las aves
y con los ojos que nadie ve
saber a donde vamos


Ella te puede leer las cartas, las manos y el alma.

She reads you the deck of cards, the hands and the soul

An almost impossible task
is to want to open the future
and observe its seams
Better to read
the flight of the birds
and with the eyes that nobody sees
know where are we going

64 respuestas a “QUIROMANCIA

  1. Palmistry is an integral part of Indian culture… I’m not very sure, if I’m for it or not. What is in our hands is hard work..to be sincere, steady and focused towards the goals of life. I believe life will take us all where we are best meant to be! Your writings are always thought provoking…

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    1. The path of life is uncertain, if we are not honest with ourselves. Palmistry for me is just a popular belief. The word game is to make it poetic and with a positive message. I liked your comment. They are always encouraging. A big hug for being here.

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      1. Thanks… Always a pleasure. Would just like to add… It’s difficult for a western mind to believe, but palmistry and astrology is both very scientific. If it interests you, you must read more about them. Im not an expert on the subject and so would rather stay away from saying anything specific on it. Personally, not because I don’t believe in it… It’s just that I’m more interested in the NOW rather dwell in the future… It somehow had never attractive to know things already 🙂 … Having said that… Like always, loved reading your verses.

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      2. I think you’re right. Maybe if we know what is going to happen, it conditions our life and we lose interest in it. Now is that you live, tomorrow maybe it’s late. I appreciate your opinion. for me it is very valuable. Thank you.

        Le gusta a 2 personas

  2. I loved reading your poem. That comment of yours is so engrossing as well: “Maybe if we know what is going to happen, it conditions our life and we lose interest in it.” All these fortune telling things, the world of zodiac signs, etc. Do we really want to know where we are going… Thanks…

    Le gusta a 2 personas


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